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Detailed Class Information


Winter 2020-COVID Term Impact
Jan 27, 2021
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Detailed Class Information
Physics for Elem Tchrs - 23927 - PHY 100 - 0

Associated Term: Winter 2020-COVID Term Impact
Levels: Undergraduate

Main Campus Crse#000-499 Campus
Laboratory Schedule Type
0.000 Credits
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Registration Availability
  Capacity Actual Remaining
Seats 18 8 10
Waitlist Seats 0 0 0

May not be enrolled in one of the following Levels:     
Must be enrolled in one of the following Majors:     
      Two Minors - Elem Ed
      Three Minors - Elem Ed
      Cognitive Impr No Current Cert
      K-12 Comm Sci & Disord Elem
      K-12 Autism Spectrum Dis - Elm
      Early College Alliance
      Early Childhood Education
      Elem Ed Early Childhood Comp
      Elem Cognitive Impairment
      Elementary Education
      Elem Emotional Impairment
      Elem Hearing Impairment
      Elem Phy/Other Health Impair
      Elem Speech/Language Impair
      Elem Visual Impairment
      Emotionally Impaired
      Elem Ed Math Comprehensive
      Elementary Science Group
      Hearing Impaired
      Elementary Education-Intent
      Integrated Science El Teaching
      Elem Ed Integrated Sci Comp
      Liberal Arts Elementary Tchg
      Language Arts Group
      Elem Ed Language Arts Comp
      Elementary Educ Mathematics
      Phys/Oth Hlt Imp No Curr Cert
      Elem Ed Reading Comprehensive
      Spec Ed Learning Dis - Elem
      Speech and Language Impaired
      Social Studies Grp for Elem Ed
      Elem Ed Social Studies Comp
      Teacher Prep - Elementary
      Visually Impaired

Prereq for PHY100

General Requirements:
Course or Test: MATH 105
Minimum Grade of C
May not be taken concurrently.  )
Course or Test: MATH 108
Minimum Grade of D-
May not be taken concurrently.  )
A02 22 to 36
May not be taken concurrently.  )
S02 530 to 800
May not be taken concurrently.  )
S12 530 to 800
May not be taken concurrently.  )
MPT2 83 to 120
May not be taken concurrently. )

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